Slow Barbs comp. CS + Zine


Slow Barbs comp. CS + Zine


HD 36. CS 60 with zine.

A few special souls that can't be saved.
This survey includes auditory responses by six projects, attempting self discovery. It's sad that countless, thankless hours will culminate to this pathetic solicitation for attention. A ultimately fruitless, and financially erroneous, blunder on the part of these wayward folks.

Everything is less than it should be. These responses embody that.

Gnawed - Removal (remix)

Rush Falknor - SnowFallsInHeaven

Rush Falknor - Valyria

Straight Panic - Rough Fuck (Public)

Imminent Death - They Acted with Depraved Indifference to Human Suffering

God Pussy - Síndrome de Estocolmo Político

I'm Your Knife - Movement 1

Edition of 100

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